Free education for girl child

Since 31 years

Orphanage and old age home under one umbrella

since 14 years

Providing world class quality education at no cost

implementing partner of prashanthi balamandir trust

Engaging special children to live with dignity

Since 23 years


Sai Seva Sangh

The groundwork for what is SAI SEVA SANGH today was laid on August 1988, when a few like-minded people came together for a common cause to educate underprivileged children in their neighborhood, providing free shelter to old women, and a cost-free support system for a rural Special School for differently-abled.To educate the underprivileged children,the slum that we Chose was surrounded by small scale industries. With no formal system or infrastructure in place, all that was there was a purpose to get together as many children as we could from the slums nearby and teach them how to read and write. We started with 26 children.We also introduced extracurricular activities such as art, dance, and sports to expose the children to learning opportunities that would go beyond the regular academic curriculum.As an offshoot of the school logically led to the starting of an Orphanage for girl children who lost either one or both their parents to tragic circumstances beyond their control. Sai Seva Sangh strongly believes that education has the power to transform lives. We want to ensure that every child, regardless of their social and economic background has access to quality education, enjoys learning and makes progress towards discovering and realizing their true potential. Through a holistic approach to education that integrates academic achievement with non-academic learning, we provide knowledge, skills, and values that prepare our children for a better future and be responsible citizens of the country.

  • 8500

    Beneficiaries impacted so far


    of students secured above 60%

    in SSC from last 20 years.


    students supported to continue

    higher education so far in last 20 years

  • 600

    students employed in various sectors like

    Hospitality, Health care, IT, Entrepreneurship, and Pharmacy.

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