Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Mandir

(Free Education for underprivileged girls)

A regressive sequence of lack of quality education leading to school dropouts creates a mass of uneducated and unskilled youth, which is responsible for the vicious cycle of illiteracy and poverty in low-income communities.

The Vidya Mandir school aims to provide a solid and holistic educational foundation to children from slums and low-income communities. It aims to bridge the learning gaps and ensure that the children pursue their education. Following the principle of empowering through education our teaching does not focus only on academic education but also on non-academic learning to mould and nurture confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness amongst our students.



The school follows a structured curriculum for Telugu, English, Math, Hindi, Science and Social Sciences from Grade 1 till Grade 10.A vertical progression of learning objectives for each subject ensures a steady and logical unfolding of learning at each level. Upholding the principle of holistic learning, the curriculum is implemented through a dual approach of ensuring conceptual understanding through lecture, demonstrations and experiments as well as experiential learning through celebrations, events, field trips and workshops.

Assessments are conducted on a regular basis with the purpose ofadapting the curriculum to meet the students’ needs. This allows us to record students’ performances on monthly intervals on an assessment rubric. An analysis of the student’s performance indicates the gaps in the teaching-learning spaces and the cycle of curriculum management is revisited so to teach students the way they learn best. It is such analysis that enables us to identify students with remedial needs; students with learning disabilities and students who need a teacher’s stern eye and create solutions within the environment of the Learning Centre such that each student achieves their true potential. The Vidya Mandir school is an effort towards instilling the faith, belief and culture of “empowerment through education” in the minds of children from low income communities to ensure that they pursue the path of knowledge, skills and values needed in order to break the restraints of Illiteracy.



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Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Mandir

H.NO 5-240/2, Behind Sri Ramulu Theater, H.P road, Moosapet- 500018

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