Hands that help are holier than lips that pray

Vocational Training Center

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  • Special Children are less marginalised in the society, are neglected by their  families and considered as a burden.
  • There is enormous potential in them, if channelized  they can do wonders, and our journey with them is towards this direction.
  • This centre, a pilot project in partnership with AMBA

The vocational centre started in 2005 inside the campus with 5 students as a pilot unit. They are trained and engaged in making envelope  covers, files, file pads, file rappers, notebooks, note pads, spiral books, screen printing work and phenyl making, all of which contribute to a stipend for each participant. The products are marketed to educational institutes, government and corporate offices, banks etc.

Some of the clientele of the vocational center products:

  • Note pads & training diaries annually customized as per their needs  of

Dr Reddys Laboratories in Hyderabad.

  • Notebooks annually to S&P Capital IQ in Hyderabad.
  • Envelopes & note pads to SBH Regional Office, Karimnagar.
  • Notebooks to Satya Sai Gurukula Vidya Niketan, Bejanki, Karimnagar
  • School files for ever y academic year to local schools
  • Passport covers to Photo studios in Jammikunta
  • Note pads to Amba, an NGO in Bangalore

The present level of operations of the VTC (Vocational Training Center) is not sufficient to extend an assured continuous financial package by way of monthly stipends, to the trainee.  Hence there is a need to increase the volume of the above mentioned supplies to more supporting organizations & institutions. The aim is to make the VTC a self supporting entity with a sustainable action plan. An increased stipend paid to the trainee not only enhances his self confidence but also relieves the strain on his family who are meager wage earners in the rural background.

A new diversification of VTC has been  DATA ENTRY training programme for our students  in association with Amba, an NGO working from Bangalore, who have initiated this activity  named AMBA for LIFE.  This centre is a  pilot project in partnership with AMBA is presently in the training phase and is expected to conclude in June 2016.  Thereafter the trainees will be given data entry work who will be compensated by way  of stipend.

We also participate in show casing the VTC products in different companies like Deloitte, Dr Reddy Laboratories, Capital IQ, AT&T at an annual event.

Trainees of our VTC have been encouraged to open savings account in Post Office to deposit their monthly stipends.

The reframe capacity at present of the  VTC is as below:
Note Books  20,000         Envelope   1,00,000         Files    25,000      File Pads   10,000