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“We believe that providing free value based education to the underprivileged that gives them an opportunity to excel and become future leaders and change makers”


Pooja lives in the squalid slums of the city of Hyderabad with her widowed mother and six brothers and sisters. Her community is infamous for thieves and goons, drunkards and abusers. The eldest of a family of six, she supports her widowed mother in the daily chores as well as outdoors. She accompanies her to work as a daily wage laborer in a small scale industry. They struggle to make ends meet and provide one square meal for the family.

When we met Pooja, we could not allow her to be a victim of her circumstances. We wanted to give her a chance to dream, believe and achieve. Adamant in our pursuit of transforming her life, we started a neighborhood school where she could learn, play and be a child again. But Pooja was a child labor. To enroll her in school meant pulling her out of work – a luxury her family could not afford. To start with, we provided Pooja a free midday meal on attending school. She was malnourished and weak and needed to be healthy. We also designed a specialized curriculum of value based education complemented by vocational training. This would ensure that Pooja would be educated and employable when she graduates school. The women in the community were also trained and placed in better jobs.

However, Pooja would still be late and irregular to school. On probing the matter we found out that Pooja’s neighborhood had no supply of clean drinking water and that they had to wait in a queue every other day to fill up water from a tanker on wheels. To get Pooja in class on time, we walked into the community and talked to the local authorities bringing this issue into their purview. After what seemed like an endless struggle, we got water running in the pipes of every household in the community. Just when we thought it was over, Lo and Behold the next hurdle was here. As bright and brilliant as she was in class, Pooja would never complete her homework.

The slum had no electricity, making it impossible to study. Yet again, we lit up her home and future, by installing low-cost meters in every nook and corner.

Months passed by and time flew, each day Pooja was learning something new at school. One unfortunate day, destiny took Pooja’s mother by a heart attack thus leaving Pooja and her siblings orphaned. Even relatives turned their back on the poor children. To provide a safe environment for them,  we started an orphanage that slowly expanded to including old destitute women and middle aged ladies who were divorced, widowers or been abused. They were made to feel like home and were take care of with utmost love and affection. Pooja grew to study nursing and became the best in her field. She not only took care of her siblings but also the people in the home.

Pooja is the story of every child in the slums of the city. And ‘Sai Seva Sangh’ is the story of how a group of individuals took one step at a time towards the holistic development of the individual and society. To ensure that inclusive growth happens in the true sense of the word, we’ve also opened our own home for the differently abled. This home provides an opportunity for the special children to utilize their talents and intelligence with the proper training and guidance. Today, these children excel in vocational jobs such as screen printing, book binding and data entry.

We believe that sustenance of such an educational institution filled with motherly love and warmth is crucial in today’s modern world. This holistic well-being initiative can aid in shaping the young minds in a morally right track abandoning the trail of goons and thieves. Together we can ensure that every child is given the basic education and an opportunity to work towards their dreams.

The future lies in your hands, your donation can make a difference in making it a secure and happy one. To keep our efforts in swing and help us transform more lives and fulfill new dreams, we need your support in this journey of impact. Together, we can guide all the Pooja’s out there and help them achieve success soaring sky high!

Thank you.



(A Free School for the underprivileged children)      


Mahendar is a true example of the saying “EducationIs For Life Not Merely For Living”

Mahendar is a smiling young man of 27 years. Looking at him today you will not see the struggle he has had to go through to reach the place he has. The twinkle in his eyes hides the pain of poverty that he has seen and his low mellifluous voice makes little of his struggles.

Mahendar is the eldest son of a family of 6.His parents, brother and two sisters belong to a very poor family. He had dropped out of school and was working in shops to support his family. He heard from relatives about SaiSevaSangh and the free classes they conducted. Being a below average student he passed his 10th standard with great difficulty. Then the question was,what next?! Higher education was for the more meritorious students and he was not one of them.

Opportunity presented itself as Medwin Hospitals was looking to train 10th standard pass students as lab assistants. For this training he had to pay a fee of Rs6000/-. Supported by SaiSevaSangh, he joined them as a Lab Assistant. His dedication, his truthfulness and honesty endeared him to the organization and he was entrusted withthe store that handled the important and expensive chemicals that were in the lab.

As he grew in his career, he completed his Intermediate and then also got a B.Sc. Degree in Medical Lab Technician. Today he works at Basavatarakam Cancer Hospital, earns a handsome package and supports a happy family.

However, when you talk to him about what he learnt in the SaiSeva school he says,“it’s the life’s lessons that were most important – respecting elders, honesty and truthfulness, doing the right thing in the right way”.

Mahendar’s story is a tale beyond academics. It is about holistic education that imparts theoretical/academic knowledge with life values and ethics, that stand in good stead for the students in all their years to come. 



Ajay is a true example of the saying“Do Your Best And Leave The Rest To God”

Ajay is an employee of a medical coding company in Hyderabad and has a story behind him. Ajay lived in the Jeedimetla industrial area along with his mother. Ajay had lost his father to a heart attack, caused by family property disputes, when he was in the 5th standard.  His mother was very sick and was mostly bed ridden. Circumstances  forced him to work in the construction field.  His friend then had referred him to SathyaSai VidhyaMandirschool and told about the free education being provided there.

Ajay was a very mischievous boy and also a very intelligent boy.  His intelligence was used in wrong ways due to no parental guidance. He used to steal regularly in school and there were lots of complaints against him from everybody.  Every teacher had to work hard in inculcating values in him.  It was a very tough task to mould him which the teachers did with all pleasure.

A very intelligent boy that he was, he stood first in 10thstd.  The school supported him and enrolled him in VijethaCollege for Intermediate (Bi.PC).  Even in college there were lots of complaints against him.  When he was in second year intermediate somebody else’s mischief was blamed on Ajay. He was held back from appearing for the final exams.   There was lots of persuasion from our school to admit him for the final exams to no avail. This was the turning point in his life. He regretted his mistake of bad company and realized the importance of values in life.

He then appeared for EAMCET and got a free seat in B. Pharmacy.  Our school supported him for four years of this course.

His mother being a single parent had to face lots of trouble financially and morally.  Her health was taking a toll and eye troubled her. Her eye operation was sponsored by the school.  Ajay completed his B. Pharm. with good marks and joined medical coding.

Luckily he got back his father’s lost property. His father’s elder brother’s children were illiterate hence he realized the value of education and honesty.  He feels that due to God’s grace he got this good environment which moulded him into a good person.  He now wants to express his gratitude to the school and society.  A good seed sown many years ago has now grown into a fruitful tree.  The effort by the school and the teachers has given the society a wonderful citizen.



Kavita comes from a Lambadi family living near the railway tracks of Moosapet.  Both her parents are addicted to alcohol.  She is the second child in the family. After completion of 10th class from this school, she was admitted to the Intermediate class in Sri Chaitanya college.  Sai Seva Sangh supported her to join in Gokkaraju, Kokkaraju Engineering College.  She is currently working in a company.



Reshma ,the youngest teacher in this school, topped the school in the 10th Standard. She hails from a family of 6 members living in the Moosapet industrial area.  She lost her father when she was in class 2. Her father, a truck driver, had died due to coming in contact with a high tension wire in the industrial area.  Her elder brother who was looking her family after her father’s death, too died due to brain fever.  Reshma belongs to a Muslim family who were not interested in educating girl child.  But her mother sent her to this school as it was in the same area and was providing free education along with free meals, free books, and free uniform.  Sai SevaSangh supported her family by providing free groceries for their sustenance.  They also gave employment for her elder sister in this school.  Reshma is currently pursuing her B.A. with the help of the school.



Swapna hails from Srikakulam.. She had joined this school in 1st class and has now completed 10th standard. She is a topper in the school. She had participated in international schools events. She is being supported by Sai Seva Sangh for financial and family support. She is pursuing her B.Tech. in ECE from PVR College. She also gives tuition and earns a steady income.  Her family is also been supported by Sai Seva Sangh.  Her sibling who was a dull person suffering with memory loss and swollen belly was provided with medical attention and was operated.  She is a healthy girl today and has improved in academics.



Manga is working as a nurse in Puttaparthy General Hospital.  She hails from a family of 10 members who were slum dwellers near the Moosapet railway track.  The existence of this school in this slum area was the main advantage for them and the very reason to send to send her to school as they were not interested in educating the girl child.  Their interest in this school was due to the free education, free uniform, free books and free midday meals.



Ramesh Values of self- control and self –motivation can help you fight all odds.

Ramesh hails from a family of six members. He was a school dropout in class 4 after which he started working in a super market.  As fate would have it, he visited the school for some sales and heard about the free education being provided here.  He had lost his father at a very tender age and his mother started working to support their livelihood. His mother would give him some pocket money from her earnings, which got him into bad habits. Like many others Ramesh was drawn to this school by the divine grace.

He was age barred and unenthusiastic about studies when he joined the school. The love and patience shown by the teachers in the school inculcated in him the interest towards studies. He completed his 10th class from this school. His interest in studies made him save money and with the support from the school he moved on to pursue his Intermediate (BPC). The continued support from the school helped him complete B. Pharm.


Raj Kumar(2005-06)


Raj Kumar is a very alert and confident driver. He is employed with Partha Electronics. He hails from the slums besides the Moosapet railway track. His family was involved in doing menial jobs, had no idea about the importance of literacy and was disinterested in Raj Kumar joining the school as they would be losing on his daily wages.  At this juncture SaiSevaSangh had stepped into the slums to develop and provide a bright future for these unfortunate kids and eradicate child labour.

His family was counselled to enrol these kids in this school which provides free education hence there would be no burden on them. Thus he joined the school in class 1 at the age of 9.  He was a below average student. In 8th class he had decided to  dropout from the school and go for job.  The school counselled him, motivated him to complete his 12th standard. and got him trained in driving. He was placed in a job by SaiSevaSangh and thus proving that “Everyone Has ARight To Education



Lakshminarayana(2006-07) is an entrepreneur and is running a hair salon of his own.  He isa barber with a MBA degree.  He joined this school in class 1.  At the age of 12 years he lost his father, quit the school and worked in his relatives’ barber shop.  Due to the counseling of the teachers he agreed to study till 10thand was determined not to study any further.

After completion of 10th his interest grew in studies and came back to school seeking support to study intermediate.  After intermediate he requested to sponsor him for graduation and after that he also did his MBA.   This student who studied for the sake of teachers till 10th and told not to force him to study any further gradually realized the importance of education and its value.  

Today he also realized that there are helping hands in the society who do not expect anything in return and have interest in welfare of others.  Love is unconditional and seeks nothing in return.  “Love Is Its Own Reward”.


Sai Baba & Raju (2005-06&2003-04)


Saibaba&Raju live beside the railway tracks in the huts at Moosapet slum.  There was no water, no drainage, no electricity in these slums.  Since the inception of the school they were associated with the school and were a part of the development of the school.  They joined this school in class 1.  Their slum was developed by the school. Drinking water taps  were provided for every 3 houses,  electricity was provided for their colony and it was named as SathyaSai Nagar.

These two children completed their 10th. Sai Baba joined in intermediate at SriChaitanya College.He has done his aeronautical engineering and is now working for a Bangalore based company.

Raju was the eldest in his family and enrolled in the Lab Technician course in Medwin Hospital. He lost his mother to cancer in those years. Raju is now employed with Medwin Hospital and takes care of his family. His family is well settled now and are happy.

Every time Sai and Raju thought of dropping from school, the school provided them with moral and emotional support, counselled them and instilled confidence in them. But for the school, they would have been school drop outs. This just reaffirms our faith that“If We Have The Blessings Of Sai Nothing Can Stop Us From Being Successful And Happy”. 


Teja, Mahesh, Shiva

Tej, Mahesh & Shiva(2008-09)&(2008-09)&2008-09)

They are male nurses employed at Global Hospitals. Their family used to sustain on daily wages and lived in H.P road, Moosapet.  They have studied from class 1 in this school and have participated in all the events of the school.

After completion of class 10 the teachers told them to take up nursing course.  They were disinterested and felt nursing course was not for boys.  They also had fear of BPC and wanted to take CEC in intermediate.  The teachers counseled them to take up BPC, complete Intermediate and the rest could be decided later.

Thus they completed Intermediate and also their B.Sc. in Nursing.  They are the first batch of male nursing and are settled in their jobs.  They were offered salaries of 15 to 20 thousand rupees immediately after the completion of the course.  They then realized the demand for male nursing jobs.

These students are today examples and motivation for further batch of students to take up this profession.  These students who once upon a time had inhibition and disinterest towards this profession are today expressing their job satisfaction in these jobs.

They have now developed a keen interest in studying further and have expressed that they would save their income and if required take bank loans to do post graduation and doctoral degrees to enhance their knowledge and skills.

They have experienced the love in action and have realised that “Service To Man Is Service To God” and want to bring about excellence in profession by combining knowledge and service




Yagnesh is an employee of IBM Bangalore and is a shining exampleof“Changing His Can’ts Into Cans And His Dreams Into His Plans”. In spite of being a small town boy he grew to heights with SaiSevaSangh as a stepping stone to achieve his dreams. His family migrated from Srikakulam to Hyderabad in search of a livelihood.  They settled in Moosapet, Hyderabad.  He was the youngest in the family and his father had already expressed his inability to educate him as his siblings were already going to colleges.

At a playful age of nine Yagnesh was working in a medical shop.  He came to know that SriSathyaSaiSchool at Moosapet was providing free education.  He decided to join the school.  Even after joining the school he continued to work in a medical shop from 6pm to 10pm to support his family.  After completion of 10thstandard and Intermediate he joined bio-medical engineering with the help of SaiSevaSangh.  He continued to work even while pursuing his higher studies.  Today he is a happy for getting such wonderful family like support and during his student years to face life and realize his dreams of a good education and employment.

is pursuing his chartered accountancy. When he was 10years old his father, an auto driver, met with an accident and was paralyzed. His mother was a housemaid. Darkness filled their lives.  Ambadass thought “in the school a teacher teaches the lesson and then takes the exam, but life takes the exam first and then teaches the lesson




Ambadass stopped studying and started working. Till 3rd class, to raise daily income he worked in a hotel and also as a paper delivery boy. He was irregular to school, he and his mother were working to support the family.  There was no medical care for his father. They were staying in Moosapet area and came to know about the school which was providing free education and support.

Their family came to the school seeking support and his father was provided with medical support.  Meanwhile his youngerbrother was affected with tetanus and passed away. It was a big jolt in their lives.  SaiSevaSangh came to their aid.  SaiSevaSangh provided emotional support, financial help, and medical attention. 


With all the attention and aid his father recovered slowly and this institute has given him the job as an auto driver with accommodation.  Today they are a peaceful and secure family. 

An interaction with Ambadass today would reflect the maturity and wisdom life has given. He says that all difficulties are like passing clouds. 


Srikanth (2014-15)

This is a special case of how SaiSevaSangh came to the rescue of an ailing patient Srikanth battling between life and death.

Srikanth hails from a family dependent on meager daily wages for survival.  Their family migrated from Srikakulam to Moosapet, Hyderabad. Srikanth is a very intelligent student andwhen he was in 9thstandard he was down with a fever and could not come to school for a week’s time.

When he recovered from his illness he came to school but again fell sick.  He was taken to NIMS. He was diagnosed with a nervous disorder called GBS Syndrome.  When the hospital authorities informed his parents this does not fall under Arogyasree scheme for financial support, the parents felt helpless and miserable.

Under such circumstances the members of SaiSevaSangh came forward to help them and raised around 2 lakhs for his treatment. The doctors at NIMS had told that this treatment would require around 40 to 50 injection amounting to five lakhs.SaiSevaSangh put across this requirement to pharmaceutical companies for help and received help for the medicine at a minimal cost.  After the treatment physiotherapy was required for the patient. This help was provided by a rich man who was affected by the similar disorder.

”Those who have gone through pain and suffering can understand and sympathise with those who are in pain and suffer”. 

Despite his illness he appeared for 10th exams without wasting an academic year.  The joy was immeasurable when he stood first in the school.  It was such a surprise and inspiration for all the students.  After completion of 10th he got free seat in polytechnic college and he is currently pursuing his first year in college.



Kesava Rao comes from a very poor background and was staying in the Jeedimetla industrial area. His father would earn money by doing menial jobs. Kesava was academically a below average student and hence school did not initially think of sending him for higher education on meritorious grounds.  However, he was very hardworking and his interest to pursue studies made the school to support him.

He had his own dreams and nothing stopped him from chasing them. He was interested in pursuing a course in hotel management. He gathered all the necessary information for the course and very humbly approached the school authorities with his dream and the gathered information.

Impressed by his zeal and hardworkthe school further supported him in completing his Hotel Management course.   His journey as a young lad of 25 years with lots of maturity is very impressive. His maturity reflects all the moulding and the self-confidence instilled by the school.KesavaRao proved by his actions to all of us that “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves



Orphanage for Girls


Leela hails from a good family background.  Her father was a cotton merchant who committed suicide due to financial loss.  Her uncle enrolled her in this school saying that she is an orphan from poor background and had nobody to take care of her.  She completed her 10th, intermediate, degree and P. G. Diploma in Diabetology in Mohan Diabetology Centre.  God’s grace is always abundant. She was very lucky to have SaiSevaSangh as her guardian. They settled her life and got her a good matrimonial alliance and performed her marriage. She is married to a boy who has a M.Tech. degree and now works in G.E.  She is very happy and is blessed with a child. She is also pursuing her further studies.


Aparna is an orphan hailing from Jammikunta, Karimnagar district.  She was ill treated by her father after her mother abandoned her. Her relatives were unwilling to take care of her so she was brought to this hostel.  Initially she suffered from nightmares and needed counseling by the psychiatrist.  She was admitted to the 1stclass when she was 8years old as her IQ levels were very low.  With the effort of the teachers she completed her 10th. After her 10th she was admitted into L. V. Prasad Eye Institute for 2year optometric training.  She has now completed her training and is a full-fledged nurse working in L. V. Prasad Eye Institute earning a salary of 9000 rupees.



Rama(2011-12)   Madhavi(2011-12)    Monica(2011-12)

Rama, Madhavi, Monica are three young talented Perini Nrutyam dancers who captivate the audience with their charismatic performance. These school dropouts had a flair for dance since their childhood and evinced keen interest to become dancers.  They received formal training in dance from Dr.Kala Krishna.  They performed in various dance and music festivals in India.  Realizing the importance of studies they completed their 10th standard privately.  They also completed diploma in dance and light music.  Currently they are pursuing their graduation (B.A.) privately.  They are also assisting the primary teachers in their classes.  They taught dance to around 25 students in the school.  They are very enthusiastic to do a M.A. in dance after their completion of graduation.



Madhavi, Sukanya, Bhavani, Deepthi were lost in a world of cruel misfortune. These three young orphan kids were alone and afraid and were searching for that elusive love.  Sai Seva Sangh tookover the responsibility of the children. Madhavi, hailing from Nalgonda, lost her parents at a young age and was admitted to a hostel there. But as her health deteriorated she was brought to Hyderabad by her relatives and admitted into SaiSevaSangh.  The nutritious food, the counseling by the teachers and the medical care given, helped to heal the wounds of this intelligent child.  Here she was taught not only academics, but also cooking, sewing and other activities.  She topped her school in the 10th standard.  She was admitted to the DAV school, the one of the best schools in Hyderabad for class 11th and 12th.  To enable her to cope with her CBSE syllabus, tuitions were given.  She topped the school in class 12. As well.Currently she is doing a course in profusion technology from SathyaSai Institute of Higher Learning Bangalore.


Sukanya, a frail, vulnerable looking soft spoken girl, hails from Karimnagar.  Rejected and abandoned by her parents she was found in a train by policemen.  She was brought to this orphanage home by the policemen.  She looked with pleading innocent eyes as if to say “what is my fault”? The homely atmosphere in Sai Seva Sangh, instilled confidence in her and she mingled and played with the children happily. She stood second in the 10th standard.  Presently she is doing her B.Sc.Nursing from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning Bangalore.

Bhavani (2012-13)

Bhavani has been admitted to B.Sc. Nursing at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning Bangalore.  This girl comes from a beggar family in Karimnagar. She was found abandoned in a secluded area.  This young kid with sad and melancholy eyes was brought to this home run by Sai Seva Sangh by a policeman.

Deepthi (2012-13)

Deepthi,full of life, energy and a positive approach to life, hails from Orissa.  She too has a very sad and bitter story to tell.  After her mother’s demise, her father sold her to a construction worker.  When the police became aware of the deal they entrusted her to SathyaSai DeenaJanodharanaPathakam.  She was nine years old when she was brought here with very low IQ.  She was admitted into class 1. The teachers painstakingly taught her and saw to it that she was admitted into the right class for her age.  After her 10th she was admitted intothe L.V.Prasad Eye Institute for a 2year optometric training.  She has now completed her training and is a full-fledged nurse working in L. V. Prasad Eye Institute earning a salary of 9000 rupees.


Orphanage for Boys – Jammikunta Karimnagar District

Nampally Sathish

Nampally Sathish,S/o Late Sarvaiah is an orphan boy from Potireddy Peta village in Huzurabad mandal in Karimnagar district admitted in the orphanage for boys at Jammikunta in 2000 year after his parents passed away, now he completed his graduation & Vocational Dip. In  Vocational Rehabilitation for Mentally Retarded from NIMH, Secunderabad and working as Vocational instructor in special school now he is pursuing B.Ed In special education . he is serving to the same from where he is gained the life skills.


Bandari Raju

Bandari Raju,S/o Late Rajaiah is joined in 1999 in orphanage from a rural village in Warangal district and completed his graduation with B.Ed. in special education and serving in the same organisation as special educator and hostel incharge since 2013.


Thangallapalli Nagaraju

Thangallapelli Nagaraju, S/o Late Chandramoui joined in 2002 after his both parents passed away, now pursuing his final year Engineering (CSE) at IIIT, Basar, Adilabad, recently he was selected for WIPRO Technologies in campus selection.


Kota Madhukar

Kota Madhukar, S/o Late Jampaiah was joined in 2002  as an orphan and pursuing his final year in BSc (CABM) at Acharya N.G.Ranga Agri. University, Rajendra Nagar, Hyd., and he is preparing for post graduation.


Sukanya, a frail, vulnerable looking soft spoken girl, hails from Karimnagar.  Rejected and abandoned by her parents she was found in a train by policemen.  She was brought to this orphanage home by the policemen.  She looked with pleading innocent eyes as if to say “what is my fault”? The homely atmosphere in Sai Seva Sangh, instilled confidence in her and she mingled and played with the children happily. She stood second in the 10th standard.  Presently she is doing her B.Sc.Nursing from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning Bangalore. 


Pravallika is one of the students who have passed 10th Standard from Sri Satya Sai Vidya Mandir, Moosapet, an institution that is focused on educating under privileged children. Both her parents passed away at a very young age and Pravallika has seen it all, at childhood. In a way, she is a child of God who has been brought up at the Sri Satya Sai Vidya Mandir and in addition to academics has acquired all-round skills like Yoga, karate, computer software (MS Office), apart from life-skills. Pravallika has taken an exam for a certificate course in “Andhra Natyam” a dance form of Andhra Pradesh and performed in the prestigious ‘Telugu Maha Sabhalu’ held by the Government of Telangana. She has given Junior Intermediate examination (MPC) in March 2019 and secured 88% marks. She has excelled in academics and hopes to make a mark in the field of science and take up teaching as a profession to give back to the society.