Sai Seva Sangh is a charitable organization established in 1988. It has been relentlessly working towards the cause of providing free integral education to children coming from the lower economic strata of our society. It focuses on academic and non-academic learning; nurturing confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness and mould them as ideal citizens devoted to the service of society.

  • Aims to ensure that every child of school-going age gains a strong and holistic educational foundation to become a responsible, compassionate and Self- reliant confident citizen of tomorrow.
  • Through its free quality value based education, it focuses on the all-round holistic development of the student. It aims to provide an environment to explore the innate potential of the individual.
  • Runs an Orphanage for Girls focusing on the mainstreaming of education and other skill developmental programes.
  • Provides shelter to destitute ladies & Old age women. It provides skill development programes thereby empowering women totally.
  • The concept behind starting all these units in the same campus is that they provide moral support to each other by sharing love and help, with different age groups complimenting each other like a family unit.
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