Success Stories


Madhavi lives in the slum of the city of Hyderabad with her widowed mother and six brothers and sisters. Her community is infamous for thieves and goons, drunkards and abusers. The eldest of a family of six, she supported her widowed mother in the daily chores as well as outdoors. She accompanied her to work as a daily wage laborer in a small scale industry. They struggled to make ends meet and to provide one square meal for the family.

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Reshma, the youngest teacher in this school, topped the school in the 10th Standard. She hails from a family of 6 members living in the Moosapet industrial area. She lost her father when she was in class 2. Her father, a truck driver, had died due to accidental contact with a high tension wire in the industrial area. Her elder brother who was looking after her family after her father’s death, died due to brain fever. Reshma belongs to a family who were not interested in educating the girl child. But her mother sent her to this school as it was in the same area and was providing free education along with free meals, free books, and free uniform. Sai Seva Sangh supported her family by providing free groceries for their sustenance. They also gave employment for her elder sister in this school. Reshma is currently pursuing her B.A. with the help of the school.


Aparna, hailing from Jammikunta, Karimnagar district, was ill treated by her father after her mother abandoned her. Her relatives were unwilling to take care of her so she was brought to this hostel. Initially she suffered from nightmares and needed counselling by the psychiatrist. She was admitted to the 1st class when she was 8years old as her IQ levels were very low. With the effort of the teachers she completed her 10th. After her 10th she was admitted into L. V. Prasad Eye Institute for 2 year optometric training. She has now completed her training and is a full-fledged nurse working in L. V. Prasad Eye Institute earns a salary of 9000 rupees.

Rama, Madhavi, Monica

Rama, Madhavi, Monica are three young talented Perini Nrutyam dancers who captivate the audience with their charismatic performance. These school dropouts had a flair for dance since their childhood and evinced keen interest to become dancers. They received formal training in dance from Dr. Kala Krishna. They performed in various dance and music festivals in India. Realizing the importance of studies they completed their 10th standard privately. They also completed a diploma in dance and light music. Currently, they are pursuing their graduation (B.A.) privately, They are also assisting the primary teachers in their classes. They taught dance to around 25 students in the school. They are very enthusiastic to do an MA in dance after their completion of graduation.

Kavita (2005-06)

Kavita comes from a Lambadi family, living near the railway tracks of Moosapet. Both her parents are addicted to alcohol. She is the second child in the family. After completion of 10th class from this school, she was admitted to the Intermediate class in Sri Chaitanya college. Sai Seva Sangh supported her to join in Gokkaraju Engineering College. She is currently working in a company.

Swapna (2010-11)

Swapna hails from Srikakulam. She had joined this school in 1st class and has now completed the 10th standard. She is a topper in the school. She had participated in various international school events. She is being supported by Sai Seva Sangh for financial and family support. She is pursuing her B. Tech. in ECE from PVR College. She also gives tuition and earns a steady income. Her family has also been supported by Sai Seva Sangh. Her sibling who was a dull person suffering from memory loss and swollen belly was provided with medical attention and was operated on. She is a healthy girl today and has improved in academics.

Manga (2001-02)

Manga is working as a nurse in Puttaparthy General Hospital. She hails from a family of 10 members who were slum dwellers near the Moosapet railway track. The existence of this school in this slum area was the main advantage for them and the very reason to send her to school as they were not interested in educating the girl child. Their interest in this school was due to the free education, free uniform, free books and free midday meals. And, because of this school, she is educated now

Leela (2001-02)

Leela hailed from a good family background. Her father was a cotton merchant who committed suicide due to financial loss. She enrolled her in this school as she had no one to take care of her and from a poor background. She completed her 10th, Intermediate, degree and P. G. Diploma in Diabetology in Mohan Diabetology Centre. God’s grace is always abundant. She was very lucky to have Sai Seva Sangh as her guardian. They settled her life and got her a good matrimonial alliance and performed her marriage. She is married to a groom who is a M.Tech holder and now works in G.E. She is very happy and is blessed with a child. She is also pursuing her further studies.

Sukanya, Bhavani, Deepthi

Sukanya, Bhavani, Deepthi were lost in a world of cruel misfortune. These three young orphan kids were alone, afraid and were searching for that elusive love. Sai Seva Sangh took over the responsibility of these children. Madhavi, hailing from Nalgonda, lost her parents at a young age and was admitted to a hostel there. But as her health deteriorated, she was brought to Hyderabad by her relatives and admitted into Sai Seva Sangh. The nutritious food, the counseling by the teachers and the medical care given, helped her to heal the wounds of this intelligent child. Here she was taught not only academics, but also cooking, sewing and other activities. She topped her school in the 10th standard. She was admitted to the DAV school, the one of the best schools in Hyderabad for class 11th and 12th. To enable her to cope with her CBSE syllabus, tuitions were given. She topped the school in class 12. As well.Currently she is doing a course in Perfusion technology from Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning Bangalore.


Sukanya, a frail, vulnerable looking soft spoken girl, hails from Karimnagar. Rejected and abandoned by her parents, she was found in a train by policemen, and brought to this orphanage home. She looked with pleading innocent eyes as if to say “what is my fault”? The homely atmosphere in Sai Seva Sangh, instilled confidence in her and she mingled and played with the children happily. She stood second in the 10th standard. Presently she is doing her B.Sc. Nursing from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning Bangalore

Bhavani (2012-13)

Bhavani has been admitted to B.Sc. Nursing at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning Bangalore. This girl comes from an oppressed, underprivileged family in Karimnagar. She was found abandoned in a secluded area. This young kid with sad and melancholy eyes was brought to this home run by Sai Seva Sangh by a policeman.

Deepthi (2012-13)

Deepthi, full of life, energy and a positive approach to life, hails from Orissa. She too has a very sad and bitter story to tell. After her mother’s demise, her father sold her to a construction worker. When the police became aware of the deal they entrusted her to Sathya Sai Deena Janodharana Pathakam. She was nine years old when she was brought here with a very low IQ due to her background. She was admitted into class 1. The teachers painstakingly taught her and saw to it that she was admitted into the right class for her age. After her 10th she was admitted into the L.V. Prasad Eye Institute for a 2year optometric training. She has now completed her training and is a full-fledged nurse working in L. V. Prasad Eye Institute earns a salary of 9000 rupees.

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