The five human values are related to the five levels of the individuals’ personality: The result is non-violence in words, thoughts and deeds. The society will create an atmosphere where these values can be experienced.

At the physical level the child

  • Shows appreciation of healthy food

  • Shows appreciation of games and sports

  • Shows appreciation of personal hygiene

At the intellectual level the child

  • Shows curiosity and the interest in his environment

  • Identifies and gives name to the objects in his environment in English & Telugu language

  • Understands English

  • Follow simple rules in games and daily routine work

  • Develops basic concepts of truth

At the emotional level the child

  • Stays away from the parents for a certain period of time

  • Develops a feeling of security

  • Builds up relationship with the staff, based on trust and love

At the psychological level the child

  • Develops basic concepts of love and respect for living beings

  • Shares toys and things with others

At the spiritual level the child

  • Develops basic concepts about God as a loving and caring entity

  • Develops basic concepts of forgiveness

  • Experiences silent sitting as an access to peace

  • Believes in trust and love