Skill refinement program (SRP) aims to equip the youth with theoretical knowledge and a positive attitude to seek meaningful employment and take them to become self sufficient. Thus the, emphasis of the SRP is enhancing the employability level through various segments:

  • Computer Literacy
  • Veda Chanting
  • Soft Skills
  • Dance and Music
  • Sports and Games

Computer Literacy:

At the computer centre, students are introduced to the basics of computer literacy that will lay a strong foundation to build high-level computer skills at a later stage in their professional lives. The focus of the curriculum is on learning practical computer skills along with a theory of computer science. The course that covers Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Internet is divided into two stages: the preparatory stage to ensure gradual and thorough assimilation.


The spoken English course aims to impart Basic English language skills to support the youth in achieving their higher educational goals equip them to do well in their future jobs and confidently converse in social situations. English is an interactive course with a bilingual and learner-centric approach that focuses on learning the application of language tenets rather than assimilation of mere language concepts.

Soft Skills:

Session on soft skills conducted by corporate volunteers to prepare the participants to confront the professional workplace with the desired set of values, attitudes, and behavior. Sessions on grooming, goal setting, and time management focus to get them ready to take on the future with confidence.

Dance & Music:

Dance & Music Students are trained in a dance form called Perani Lasyam. The Orphanage girls have pursued their Diploma and Degree in Dance and Music and are training around 50 children on their own.

Veda Chanting:

In Veda Chanting, the students are taught to memorize the Vedas using simpler methods like the continuous word by word recitation. This enables the students to enhance memory power and concentration. It gives good health, peace of mind and pure joy. The ultimate goal of SRP is to yield self sufficient, compassionate and socially responsible youth, who are meaningfully employed.

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At A Glance

  • No. of students: 350
  • Staff & Volunteers: 21
  • Supplementary education for grade 1 to10
  • Conceptual understanding Experiential learning
  • Includes health and nutrition
  • Value based education
  • Computer Literacy
  • Spoken English
  • Soft Skills
  • Dance & Music
  • Veda Chanting
  • Yoga & Meditation