Importance Of Girl Child Education

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Girls' education strengthens economies and reduces inequality. This includes general education at schools and colleges, as well as professional, technical, and other types of education. Education plays a crucial role as it helps people to lead successful lives. An individual can [...]

Why Do Older People Prefer An Old Age Home?

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Today people are talking about how children are abandoning their parents. But at the same time, they are shunning their responsibilities towards their parents and sending them to old age homes in Hyderabad. However even in ancient days, the people were [...]

True Education

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 When the question of what constitutes true education arises the need of looking back at our ancestral period and the kind of learning they had will be felt necessary.  In Ancient   times, India had the Gurukula system of education in [...]


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There has been a drastic change in the modern education system, that it attaches weight age only to verbal education. Even among the many Verbal courses prevalent in the universities , parents show inclination towards medicine and Engineering .If this trend [...]