Sai Seva Sangh strongly believes that education has the power to transform lives. We want to ensure that every child, regardless of their social and economic background has access to quality education, enjoys learning and makes progress towards discovering and realizing their true potential. Through a holistic approach to education that integrates academic achievement with non-academic learning we provide knowledge, skills and values that prepare our children for a better future and be responsible citizens of the country.

Over the years we have grown to meet the educational needs of children and youth in low-income communities. So far we have reached out to over 9000 beneficiaries. All our programmes are directed towards providing access to quality education, skill development to provide opportunities for a brighter future for our beneficiaries.

Our Vision


To empower children through integral education focused on academic and non-academic learning, nurturing confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness and moulding them as ideal citizens devoted to the service of society. To empower destitute women by providing shelter and skill development programmes, thus enhancing their financial sustenance.

Our Mission


To enable a brighter future for girl children & women from low-income communities by providing them with the desired knowledge, skills & values and support, to achieve their true potential.