Sai Seva Sangh is a registered charitable organization, providing support to women, orphans, and continue higher education to Girl Children from under privileged communities and rural areas, thereby empowering women and serving society for the last 35 years.


What are the challenges to GIRL CHILD EDUCATION?

Girls face discrimination both inside their homes and outside in their communities

  • Poverty

  • Distance from home

  • Poor sanitation

  • Lack of security

  • Too few female teachers

  • Early marriages, child labor, trafficking & exploitation

  • Effects of covid-19

Key features of our Girl Child education initiative

  • Location of our school in moosapet is surrounded by slum area particularly favourable for girl children

  • Fully residential campuses with Modern infrastructure facilities exclusively for girls

  • Qualified female staff

  • Supporting Girl children from secondary school education to higher education

  • Mitigation of social evils-early marriage, child labour, trafficking & exploitation

  • Radical shift in perspective within the child’s family and community

  • In the realm of symbolism, the number one represents the divine, while zero embodies potential and boundless possibilities. However, when these two forces, one and zero, merge, their combined value grows exponentially. So does the unity of humans enable us to achieve remarkable feats together.
  • By embracing collaboration and working in unison, we unlock the potential to create a world where extraordinary accomplishments like establishing a residential women’s university in Telangana state at zero cost for rural and under privileged girls.
  • Encourage and motivate your family and friends to take membership of the “Power Of 10 Club”.
  • Over the course of 10 years, your investment can wield a remarkable impact, in empowering rural and under privileged girls by opening doors to education and opportunities that were once out of reach for them.

Power of 10club Contributions can be made to our bank account as per details shown .

Account Type: Current Account
Account Name: SAI SEVA SANGH
Account No: 52211010000078
Bank Name: Union Bank of India
Branch Name:
Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar
Hyderabad 500 038 INDIA

»A detailed postal address of each person who contributes is required to be filed with the Income Tax Department along with their PAN No, so kindly co-operate with us by
furnishing the same.

» Account payee cheque is to be given in favour of Sai Seva Sangh.

Invest in Girl Child education by becoming a member in “Power Of 10 Club”

Per day Rs.10/-

Per month Rs.300/-

Per year Rs. 3600/-


For a brighter world by taking up individual Social Responsibility

“In order to do something bigger than yourself and contribute to nation building, it is important to collaborate with the right associations and network.”