Vidya Mandir School


Sujata lost both her parents in childhood. She was under the guidance of her grandfather for few years. After his demise, the family doomed into poverty. She is good at academics and is an exceptional dancer.


Sushmita has both her parents but her mother is often sick. In spite of all the hardships she faces at home, she is among the highly performing students in academics. She is involved in games and sports.

“We believe that providing free value based education to the underprivileged that gives them an opportunity to excel and become future leaders and change makers”

Pooja lives in the squalid slums of the city of Hyderabad with her widowed mother and six brothers and sisters. Her community is infamous for thieves and goons, drunkards and abusers. The eldest of a family of six, she supports her widowed mother in the daily chores as well as outdoors. She accompanies her to work as a daily wage laborer in a small scale industry. They struggle to make ends meet and provide one square meal for the family.

When we met Pooja, we could not allow her to be a victim of her circumstances. We wanted to give her a chance to dream, believe and achieve. Adamant in our pursuit of transforming her life, we started a neighborhood school where she could learn, play and be a child again. But Pooja was a child labor. To enroll her in school meant pulling her out of work – a luxury her family could not afford. To start with, we provided Pooja a free midday meal on attending school. She was malnourished and weak and needed to be healthy. We also designed a specialized curriculum of value based education complemented by vocational training. This would ensure that Pooja would be educated and employable when she graduates school. The women in the community were also trained and placed in better jobs.

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