There has been a drastic change in the modern education system, that it attaches weight age only to verbal education. Even among the many Verbal courses prevalent in the universities , parents show inclination towards medicine and Engineering .If this trend continuous many useful courses will gradually disappear from the universities. If it is so with the verbal courses what is to say about non verbal courses such as Performance Arts which would occupy a very prominent place in our ancient times

India is a power house of performing arts. Be it  music , dance or drama every form of performing arts of India is unique and symbolizes it’s rich culture and tradition.

Performing arts are those forms of art where an artist uses her/his body as a medium of expression-either through voice, gestures or facial expressions.

The history of Perfoming arts  can be traced back to second century. Natya shastra, a Sanskrit  treatise on performing arts by Bharatha muni is a piece of classical sanskrit literature.It laid down the structure of music, dance and drama. Love, humour, pathos, anger, disgust, terror, heroism, wonder, serenity are the Navarasas or the 9 basic emotions which are fundamental to all India aesthetics.

The knowledge of dance and music helps in the development of one’s personality. It makes the students self confident and capable of adapting to all circumstances. Negative feelings vanish as the soul of music and dance teach about loving and caring. Literature, music, dance are all necessary for the healthy mental development and flowering of a student. It creates an awareness of our national heritage.

Shrimati MS Subbulakshmi , Shri Ravi Shankar, shri Bhimsen Joshi,  Shrimati Lata Mangeshkar and many others in the field of music and Pandit Birju Maharaj ,Mrinalini Sarabhai , Shri Uday Shankar, shri Vempati Chinna Satyam and others in the field of dance can stand as the eternal examples to uphold the value of performance arts .

Sri Sathya Sai institution gives a great importance to performance arts offering the course as one of the options at both +2 and degree levels. Well trained and experienced staff pay special care to teach every important detail to the girls who have opted the course . The students performed a one hour Navadurga Dance Ballet on Kuchipudi Art form at Muddenahalli ,Karnataka ,on the eve of Dussehra 2019 and won laurels from all the spectators .The students also were trained to give a performance on Nirvana shatakam which also got high admiration. It is hoped that the fondness among the students for performance arts will increase and the previous Glory for music and art will soon be revived.