Today people are talking about how children are abandoning their parents. But at the same time, they are shunning their responsibilities towards their parents and sending them to old age homes in Hyderabad. However even in ancient days, the people were following vanaprastha ashrama voluntarily. After his duties were completed, the householder handed over the responsibilities to his children and left the worldly life and all its luxuries and enjoyment and went to the Ashrams in Forest to lead a solitary and spiritual. The transition to this stage marks a shift in the person’s goals. From being focused on the material pursuits of wealth and pleasure, the householder now looks inward toward moksha (spiritual liberation), Self-realization, and unity with the Divine. So, there are differing views on this issue.


Why prefer an old age home for older people?


They are neither ignored nor left behind. A growing number of elderly people are relocating to senior living facilities in pursuit of security, autonomy, and companionship. In India, a large number of older individuals are challenging perceptions of old age homes as places where mistreated parents are left by their children. Instead, individuals who opt to live in them do so because they believe it to be the natural progression that offers safety, independence, and companionship.


Advantages of Staying at Old Age Homes:


Living at an old age home has several benefits for a lonely older person or couple. These consist of:


  1. Old age homes give a comfortable place to be that is typically safe and has infrastructure designed with older people in mind, such as safe flooring, support systems in the restrooms, private walking areas, and so on.


  1. In order to handle routine medical checkups as well as emergency care, old age homes typically include a plan for a residential doctor or doctor on call. Geriatric counselors are available in certain newer old age facilities to help with psychological and social problems that older people confront, such as depression and anxiety.


  1. It will be a huge relief for elderly people, especially women, to not have to worry about daily tasks like making dinner arrangements, etc.


  1. Seniors have plenty of time to pursue their own interests, such as learning a new language, developing new abilities like singing or acting, or engaging in any other pastime.


  1. Senior living communities offer the ideal setting for forming new friendships and networking with others who have similar interests. This gives the community a place to celebrate events like member birthdays and wedding anniversaries, among other things.


  1. Seniors are shielded from regular family interactions, which keeps them from meddling in the affairs of younger generations and reduces confrontations.


  1. It is the perfect location for senior citizens who want to lead independent lives of their own choosing. Old age homes provide a safe setting for older people as opposed to their own house, which may become unsafe as they age.


Why rapid increase in Old Age homes ?

Although parents’ lives revolve around their kids, when they get older, they are frequently ignored and viewed as a burden. Rapid urbanization is also causing massive migration in quest of better opportunities, education, and employment, which is changing the thinking of the current generation. They no longer desire to remain or care for their elderly parents. This is causing the number of senior living facilities to rapidly rise throughout the nation. The needs of the elderly are frequently pretty basic: a place to live and caregivers. They might occasionally need medical attention and therapy.

Support for the Elders :

Regardless of their social or economic background, health difficulties are a serious concern for all senior citizens. To keep track of the detainees’ overall health, medical camps are regularly held. There is no charge for the medications. These health camps are designed to treat medical problems with the utmost care. Two on-site nurses who work around the clock to care for the detainees are employed by the organization.

Children who don’t want to keep in touch with their parents utterly leave the old women. The old age home provides total care for the inmates. After the detainee passes away, the organization handles all the rites. The elderly residence complements the orphanage well. As a family, the ladies and the kids coexist in perfect harmony, enjoying every moment of existence. The local kids accept these elderly people as their grandparents and are free to wander around with them.

About sai seva sangh


A registered nonprofit organization called Sai Seva Sangh was founded in 1988 and has been empowering women and improving society for 33 years by supporting elderly people, orphans, and women from low-income, poor communities. The basic services provided are nutritious food prepared hygienically and weekly medical checks. Periodicals and books about spirituality are also available. Some of the amenities include a solar-powered hot water heater, a TV with a CD player, and an annual expedition.


Our core values:


  1. Aims to make sure that every child who is old enough to go to school receives a solid and comprehensive educational foundation that will help him or her grow up to be a confident, responsible, and caring citizen.
  2. Through its free, high-quality, values-based education, it emphasizes the student’s overall, holistic development. It seeks to create a setting in which one can discover their inherent potential.
  3. Runs a girls orphanage with a focus on initiatives for skill development and mainstreaming schooling.
  4. Gives homeless women and elderly women a place to live. It offers programmes for skill development, completely empowering women.


The idea behind establishing all of these units on the same campus is that they will support one another morally by lending each other their affection and assistance, with the various age groups complementing one another like a family. 


Sai Seva Sangh has been granted a valid exemption under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act and is a registered society under the Societies Act. In accordance with the FCRA Act, the organization is also registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs to accept contributions from outside.